Project Description


One single night, full of sonic surprises in a beautiful city park usually closed to the public. Exciting people’s fantasies and ability to play with sound and visual memories, natural metaphors turned in to generative visual digital plants, one of the main attractions. Simply the profound confirmation that the lack of sound culture is the reason why sound design in public spaces can still play a huge role in time-stretching and time-sharing, or in other words in reconceiving public spaces under a “time and sound” point of view, on a regular basis, daily basis, and not exceptional one. There’s still space for sound extravaganza!

client: City of Madrid
experience design: Lorenzo Brusci
interactive design: Lorenzo Brusci and Valentijn Borghuis
sound modules design: Lorenzo Brusci
sound modules production: Giardino Sonoro
sound design: Lorenzo Brusci / Timet
sound space design: Lorenzo Brusci / Giardino Sonoro
visual design: Lorenzo Brusci, Giovanni Conti, Sara Meloni