Project Description


Located among the lavish and beautiful Tuscany hills, Borgo I Vicelli is one of those cases where the love of tradition and the family owners’ passion for the historical dwellings and the attachment to their own roots allowed the preservation of an ancient “borgo” built in the sixteenth century.

After an accurate and gradual conversion into a country resort, visitors and guests can today relax in a pleasant location, in a building rich of history, built with traditional techniques and furnished with great taste and attention. The present appearance and charm are the result of a long journey through the centuries.

The peacefulness of the place was disturbed by a nearby highway, so we were asked to solve the problem through our noise masking approach to sound space design. We have installed a system of terracotta spheres around the pool and the main terrace and we have also developed a customized version of our WhyNoise & WhichSound software.

The system works great as a noise masking device and the system is also used for standard events like weddings or parties.

The resort has thus acquired a greater value, combining innovation and tradition in the most effective and beautiful way.
location: Bagno a Ripoli (FI), IT
client: Borgo I Vicelli Country Resort
software design: Simone Conforti/MUSST
sound modules design: Lorenzo Brusci for Architettura Sonora
sound modules producer: Architettura Sonora
sound space design: Lorenzo Brusci, Simone Conforti