Project Description


The Giardino Sonoro installation for the Venice Music Biennale 2012 was a dynamic sound space, combining environmental and behavioral data monitoring to automatic sound composition and multichannel sound space generation, conceived as a constantly evolving project over time and space. The installation consisted of material components -the Architettura Sonora’s sound modules plus a “sensitive” steel ring designed by Salottobuono – and an immaterial component, that had in an interactive software for automatic soundscape generation its main actor.

Seven musical compositions, specifically commissioned by the Music Biennale 2012 for this installation, were fully reproduced at a certain time of the day, otherwise interactively spatialized and continuously nonlinearly re-composed through a continuous interpretation – data monitoring – of the garden luminosity and of people’s various ring-interactions. The dedicated algorithm was then able to produce a real time modification of the meta-composition spatial presence and channel distribution.

The team has been able to fully design and deliver a site specific public interactive event lasting for 2 months, successfully showing the public of the Music and Architecture Biennale the fascinating and expressive power of dynamic sound spaces.

location: Venezia IT
client: Venice Music Biennale 2012
interactive design: Lorenzo Brusci, Simone Conforti
software design: Simone Conforti
logical interface: Tijn Borghuis
sound space design: Lorenzo Brusci, Simone Conforti
metal ring design: Salottobuono