Project Description


Giardino Sonoro team designed an urban sonic garden in Paris for the Nuite Blanche 2006. The project was so integrated in the daily life of the Marais neighborhood that took 2 more days before we could break it down. Such a pity, expressed by the thousands of people visiting the installation during 3 intense days. The shape of the garden was influencing the sound space design. Following the concentrical design of the site, we opted for a sound core, happening around the female statue in the center of the garden, surrounding it with vertical sound emitters (the leaves), and then expanding the soundscape to a sound suspended circle (Dolphins), plus arranging next to the benches – where mainly visitors seat to read and play with children – dedicated visual (the video-marble module) and sound objects (Spheres and Big Yoyos) in order to delimit these daily micro systems.

client: City of Paris, City of Florence
experience design: Lorenzo Brusci
sound modules design: Giardino Sonoro Team
sound design: Lorenzo Brusci / Timet
sound space design: Lorenzo Brusci / Giardino Sonoro
visual design: Andrea Baldini, Lorenzo Brusci