Imagine to walk at night or during the daytime, able to experience a place where time and space are imaginary though present, intense dimensions, following one or many stimuli, aiming at the creation of a hybrid space, intimate and public at once.

The adventure of listening in public and private outdoor spaces.

Feel Natural and Experience Music as a commonal system of relations.

A Sonic Garden is a place to feel musically and sonically inter-connected through nature, getting to experience ​music as a system of time-based relations between humans and their habitats.

We design sonic gardens,​ we are landscapers,​ interpreting the spirit of a place, its social, natural and cultural necessities.
We intend sound space and sensory space design as tools to ​design environments where human relations can blossom, daring to find a new balance with their natural identity.

Form, color, plasticity, evocation, comfort, danger, beauty, social and individual memories, they all form a deeper metaphor for natural cycles and cultural mutations; music expresses these archetypes in human beauty, human challenges and adaptation processes.

In a Sonic Garden, sound spaces are compositionally and technologically determined by natural and environmental conditions: wind, humidity, rain, up to relevant noise sources.
In a Sonic Garden a music state and its overall soundscape are never simply the result of a human compositional stance.

Landscape designers master natural masses, postures, relations; we offer them a sophisticated soundscape control, to excite and intensify natural and design inner relations.

The alliance of Soundscape and Landscape.

As all artifacts, they are living (sonic) challenges to nature: they exemplify the continuous necessity of integrating nature with new potential naturalscapes. Each choice is a relevant choice, not only because of functional needs, but also for speakers capability of existing in time together with natural items, generating a continuous and dynamic hybrid state, exemplifying the adventure itself of human culture.

We believe that specially through sound immersive design the human experience of nature can be intensified and even lead us to rediscover its multifaceted complexity and forgotten ecology.

We believe a sonic emitter, a loud speaker, is a perceptual mediator. A speaker is then a bridge between the natural domain and the wider sound dramaturgy.

Sound Experience design tools:
suspended, ground and underground sound modules.




Music in a time of intensive digital practices:
it's more a matter of Music Personalization
and Personal Soundscape than of given music heroes.

When the music is over we can easily evaluate its meaning, its power, in terms of symbolic expression, but even more significant, in terms of its presence in space and time. This presence can be welcome, providing pleasure, emotional involvement, or excessive, as in the many times a day we have to suffer music presence that is not required, pertinent or necessary.

Music is a deep anthropologic and cultural tool to synchronize human minds in time and space.


Any space is a Sound Space,
any sound diffusion generates an experience,
any experience happens in a Sound Space,
be it comfortable or not.

Our Sound Space inherits from Architectural practices the ability to be constantly present in time, supporting and setting even freer the unpredictable and personal idea of time that “inhabiting” involves.

Our Sound Space learns from Design practices the art of functional choices and its humble attitude to serve the simplest sense of doing and being.

Our Sound Space learns from Music how to build a communal happening, able to inspire and synchronize minds and habits, full of references and hidden memories, always consolidating or creating communities.


Speakers are Physical mediators
between Music and the Experience of Space.
They virtualize music stages,
they should never impose one listening stage.

Our sound modules design approach starts combining mechanical irradiation control with an accurate electronic audio-signal processing and an aesthetic and material dedicated research: this in order to match what we think are the functional and environmental requirements of an immersive architectural audio system.

Our technical support enables designers and architects to achieve a radical unique sound space design, characterized by a superb audio efficiency and climate resistance. Stone, metal and composite material can be shaped in forms that are radically inspired by environmental electroacoustic conditions and sound experience design purposes.


IMP stays for freedom of movement in space as well
as immersive sound diffusion where it was recorded.

Our proprietary smart technology IMP can be a tool to soundscape visionary or existing surrounding (environmental) music features and at the same time it’s able to gentling reproduce sound in public spaces, reducing for example the annoyance and the uncorrelated sound perception due to spot listening or other audio-dispersive phenomena. 

The algorithm’s  technology makes you able to design special virtual environments, giving to the customer the possibility of customizing his sound habitats and acoustically reshape his own space of experience with an highly Immersive tool (bars, restaurants, malls, hotels, amusement parks, etc.).


A noisy environment can turn into a playful area:
artificial and natural sounds lead to a fantasy world
where artificial and natural elements
choreograph together a dynamic idea of space.

We aim at reducing the perceived annoyance of noisy environments and transform areas with high levels of sound pollution into quite areas and overall music-oriented sound places. 

This adaptive technology is based on generative music algorithms and on interactive responses to environmental physical aural features. The dynamic solutions elaborated by this sensing technology makes possible to deliver noise masking or attention-shifting soundscapes in public spaces without occurring into risks of excessive musical intentionality and additional annoyance.


In search of beauty and functionality,
analyzing fundamentals of human rituals.

Interaction is the wide gestural and behavioral category framing humans at the trial of designing adaptive strategies, functional and necessarily, consistently beautiful.

In a time of highly diversified though interrelated stratification of knowledges, interaction design is the discipline that intends to transform any given data in an open question to individuals’ creativity and imaginative experience: the ignited cycle of knowledge and practice is then the unlimited cycle of culture, where pretending, adding, projecting and improving, happen in a continuous, endless virtuoso movement.